• Hidden Camera Found In Sports Complex

    November 5, 2016 | admin
  • hidden camera in sports complexThere is no end to where perverts and voyeurs will go to place a hidden camera to satisfy their sexually deviant minds. The Russel County Sheriff’s Office in Arizona report a hidden camera found in a sports complex is related to an ongoing investigation with regard to Kirston Jermaine Dowdell.

    Sheriff Heath Taylor has reported that a camera was placed in a bathroom inside the Ladonia Youth Sports Complex in Phoenix. This information was provided by the FBI as they had already been investigating Dowdell for having placed a video camera in a school. Dowdell was arrested for criminal surveillance and production of pornography. This is the third location where it is alleged that Dowdell had placed hidden cameras, included facilities in Opelika and Auburn.

    The FBI is now trying to identify all of the minors that were recorded in the videos. Hopefully, the time stamp on the videos will be able to determine sports teams that played at the facility on the recorded dates. It is estimated that 250-300 children play at the Ladonia Sports facility in the fall season alone.

    If anyone has information about Dowdell or these incidents, contact the FBI at Opelika cialis pas cher paris.Victim@ic.fbi.gov.

    If you are responsible for a sports facility, or any facility where children may undress or shower, you ARE a TARGET for hidden cameras and should consider having a professional TSCM sweep team inspect your facilities on a regular basis.