• Hidden Camera Found In Virginia Beach Hotel Bathroom

    October 30, 2016 | admin
  • Angela Wallace and her family were staying at a Knights Inn during the Memorial Day holiday when she found a hidden camera cialis generique comparer prix. She reported the incident to the police and more than three months have past and she has yet to receive any information about the incident. The detective assigned to the case stated that they were waiting for forensic results.

    The mother is obviously concerned that her 11 year old daughter may have been recorded and that footage may have been uploaded on the internet.

    Even though there is little information available about this incident, it is yet another example of hidden cameras being placed in hotel bathrooms. There are no details available as to whether this was a self recording camera or whether it was hardwired or transmitting a signal to someone nearby.

    It is very common for an individual to rent a room and install one or more cameras and then be able to monitor all hotel room activity for days, weeks, even months. As long as there is power to the camera and the transmitter, the perpetrator could be watching and listening from anotherr hotel room or from a position as far as a mile away.