• Vehicle Bug Sweeps

  • Let Sherlock Investigations specialists sweep your car, boat, or plane for electronic eavesdropping devices. Our expert technical services team has the experience and the equipment to seek out and dismantle bugs-the only thing we do.

    car bug sweeps in nycUsing state-of-the-art electronic countermeasures equipment, applied trade-craft, and a thorough physical search, Sherlock’s experts will sweep the entire radio spectrum for clandestine transmitters, hidden microphones, wireless video cameras, voice recorders, and phone taps. We use the same equipment as the U.S. government. If electronic devices have been placed in your home, office, business, or vehicle, Sherlock Investigations Technical Division will locate them and neutralize them.

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    We use electronic equipment and a visual inspection (most eavesdropping devices, especially on cars, are found by a visual inspection) to locate eavesdropping devices. We also inspect for active and passive GPS devices in the glove compartment, under the seats, the roof, the grill, the bumpers, and the frame.

    A “passive” GPS devices has to be retrieved later and all the places the car has been will show up in a map on a computer. An “active” GPS device will show where the car is at the moment. It uses a cell phone frequency to tell a computer where the car is in real-time.

    How We Sweep Your Automobile

    gps tracking vehicle new york cityWe look under the hood to determine if there is anything unusual hooked to the battery. We check the fuse panel of the electrical system, which is most commonly under the dashboard, but not always. Next, we check under the body of the car, front and rear bumpers, and grill (and any other place where a GPS unit could be hidden), visually, and with our high-end electronic equipment to detect GPS units.

    There are “passive” and “active” GPS units. The more popular ones are “active.” “Active” GPS units transmit the location of the car via a cell phone frequency. Hundreds of these are sold per year in the United States.

    Our equipment consists of broadband receivers, a cell phone and GPS detectors and a video borescope. We do a thorough search underneath the dashboard for hidden transmitters, including ones attached to the radio antenna of the vehicle. This is done visually and electronically. Next, both visually and with electronic equipment, we look through the entire interior of the vehicle for transmitters.

    Sweeping a vehicle usually takes about 1-2 hours.

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