• Live GPS Tracker

  • Do you suspect that you are being followed? Well, maybe you are!

    Have you experienced incidents where someone “coincidentally” bumped into you? Maybe it wasn’t such a coincidence and you were being followed!

    A live GPS tracker is a small device that sends a live signal to the person who installed it and tells them where you are 24 hours a day, every day! Anyone can buy a live GPS tracker on the Internet for as little as $50 and be able to monitor your vehicle’s exact location using a smartphone, laptop, or computer that’s connected to the Internet.

    Live GPS trackers can be as small as a 9 volt battery and can easily be attached and concealed under the bumper of your car. Let’s face it, when was the last time you lied down under your car and searched for a GPS tracker? Would you even know what to look for?

    If you are the only one with keys to your car, there’s a good chance that someone would have to attach the GPS tracker under your vehicle using a small waterproof magnetic case. While the tracker itself can be very small, the case usually makes it much easier to be found…if you know what you are looking for.

    If a spouse of co-worker may have had access to your keys, then a live GPS tracker could have been installed or placed anywhere inside your car. This requires very expensive and sophisticated electronic equipment to find the hidden tracker because it can be hidden anywhere, even buried under your dash!

    The amount of time someone would have had possession of your vehicle will also determine to what extent the culprit could have undertaken to install the tracker. Having you car for a few hours is sufficient time to have the live GPS tracker installed and buried anywhere in your vehicle. You would never be able to determine if a GPS tracker has been installed without specialized GPS detection equipment and a trained TSCM technician to locate it.

    The battery life of a live GPS tracker depends on the make/model and the number of hours your drive. The most common live GPS trackers have an internal battery life of approximately of 15-25 hours of motion. The device actually goes to sleep when it is not moving.

    There are optional battery packs that can be connected to the live GPS tracker that will extend the battery life to as much as 6 months! If the tracker was hard wired into your vehicle’s power supply, it will last as long as you own the car!

    Our experienced and trained TSCM technicians utilize the latest technology in live GPS tracker detection. We use several very expensive detection devices to find a live GPS tracker that is either on or off.

    We use the Oscor Green 24G spectrum analyzer that will detect the live GPS tracker RF signal while it transmits its location to the tracking company. Most trackers report their location every 10 seconds or every 1-2 minutes while in motion. The reporting time varies significantly based on the tracker model and customer settings.

    There are several other devices we use that will also immediately detect the live GPS tracker signal such as the WolfhoundPro. It is important that you hire the right person with the right equipment and experience to conduct a thorough TSCM vehicle inspection.

    Take a moment and call us to speak with a TSCM specialist who can answer your questions and provide you with a quote.

    Remember, unless you retain the services of a professional TSCM specialist, you will never know if there is a live GPS tracker installed in your vehicle.