• Q. How do I know if my car is bugged?

    A. There is no way for the average person to locate an audio bug or a hidden audio recording device in a care or vehicle without having a trained TSCM technician search the vehicle using highly specialized electronic bug detection gear. This equipment is very expensive and requires manufacturer on-site training.

    Q. How long do Bug Sweeps take?

    A. The amount of time it takes in order to complete a thorough bug sweep depends on a case to case basis. Sometimes the equipment will pick up tons of signals and other times it will pick up fewer signals. The minimum time a bug sweep will take is about 1-2 hours and will go up from there depending on the size of the area we are sweeping.

    Q. What if the device is off?

    A. Regardless if the device is on or off our equipment will be able to find it. Think of our equipment like a metal detector but for hidden cameras and audio devices. If they are in the room or area we will find them for you. With over 30 years in experience we know what it takes to find hidden cameras and audio devices throughout your property.

    Q. Do you sweep businesses?

    A. Yes. 100%. In fact, we do a lot of work for businesses who want to make sure their trade secrets are in fact kept secret as well as ensuring that their product and employees are safe by making sure no unwanted video or audio devices are present in your place of work.

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