• Commercial Bug Sweeps

  • Are your competitors accessing your client information?

    How valuable would it be for your competitors to know who your clients are?

    Competitive Intelligence

    Do you know for sure if your company vehicles are being tracked to let your competitors know who your suppliers and clients are?

    Unscrupulous competitors will go to great lengths to acquire intelligence about your business. It is not unheard of for a competitor to plant or find a disgruntled employee in your company. The mole can easily install spyware or monitoring software on your computers which can then be sending information to the competitor. They could also compromise the telephone system or place audio bugs in executive offices, conference rooms, or other sensitive areas

    We have also found GPS trackers covertly placed on company vehicles that would allow a competitor to know exactly where all your clients are located or even identify many of your special suppliers.

    Having our TSCM specialists sweep your facilities, telephones, and vehicles on a quarterly of biannual basis will help to quickly identify such threats.

    Prevent Potential Liability

    Retail establishments, especially chain outlets, are always susceptible to the actions of their employees. One area of main concern should be the facility public and private restrooms. It is quite easy for an employee to install a hidden video camera to monitor and record private restroom activity. Unfortunately, such voyeuristic activity is not limited to just employees; it could also be the result of a customer.

    Unfortunately, there have been numerous incidents around the country where hidden video cameras have been found in public restrooms. The negative publicity of such incidents can cause significant damage to your brand and even stock value.

    We provide commercial establishments with periodic unannounced inspections of all facility restrooms and search for evidence of hidden cameras and recording devices. Our finding are always confidential and up to you on how best to proceed.

    We suggest that you have your restrooms electronically swept quarterly at a minimum. Please take a moment to call us now to speak with a TSCM specialist and get a price quote for our services.