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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Can Psychics Know Your Financial Future?

In this recession psychics are reporting a phenomenal increase in business. In good economic times, women go to psychics to find out the future of their love life. Now, men and women are frequenting psychics. Men mostly want to find out if they're going to get laid off, or if their stocks are going to turn around.

Can psychics know this? I say, unequivocally, no. All they can do is guess.

When you go to psychic for a $10 reading the psychic may tell you something that piques your curiosity. The next reading is $100, and so on. By this time your hooked.

Sherlock Investigations has had clients who lost as much as $50,000 to psychics in two years. Some psychics might have a gift, or they might truly want to help people. The only gift they have is understanding human nature. In the end, they want your money, and they know how to get your money.

The first step, is going in for a $10 reading. Don't be a sucker.


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