• Do You Suspect You're Being Watched In Your Own Home?

    Hidden cameras and listening devices can be as small as a quarter in today's day in age. If you have reason to believe you are being watched or listened to , let us confirm it!

    Professional NYC Bug Sweep TSCM Services

    We are the leading provide of professional NYC bug sweep Technical Surveillance Countermeasures(TSCM) services for apartment dwellers, home owners, and small business located in the five boroughs of New York City as well as all of the New York State. We utilize the latest in sophisticated bug detection technology and use much of the same equipment used by many government agencies. If you suspect you are being watched, listened to or followed...maybe you are!

    Office Bug Sweeps

    Sherlock Investigations can sweep offices of any size. Keeping trade secrets is a must in today's market. Be sure that your secrets are safe by allowing us to perform a thorough Bug Sweep of your office location checking for hidden audio devices as well as hidden cameras. On or off we can find it!

  • Suspect someone is watching you in your own home or even listened to? Placing a bugging device in your home can take just a few minutes. Let us give you the peace of mind you deserve.

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  • Worried your trade secrets could be in jeopardy? Someone placing a listening device in your place of business is not that far fetched. We can confirm your offices are safe.

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  • Does it feel like someone always knows your every move? GPS Trackers can be placed on your vehicle within seconds and you would never know. Sherlock Investigations can find it!

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  • Our technicians can determine whether or not your phone has been tapped and or is still being listened to. Some wire taps are software driven which would be unseen to the naked eye, so you may never even know.

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  • Do You Suspect You're Being "Bugged", Watched, Listened to, or Followed?

  • We can inspect your apartment, house, office or car using the latest in electronic countermeasures detection. Our clients include celebrities, government agencies, police, other private investigators, attorneys, and ordinary people. Our TSCM - Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures Team has the expertise and sophisticated tools to locate, document and remove any unauthoorized electronic device that may be compromising your privacy. 24/7 service.

    Request a professional TSCM NY Bug Sweep Today!

  • While cost will likely be a major factor in selecting a company or technician to conduct a professional TSCM bug sweep, having the right equipment, training, and experience is more important. What good is it if you get a low price because they are using a cheap “spy shop” RF (radio frequency) detector that may only be able to detect RF bugging device only if its on? But, what if the device is off or was remotely turned off? That device would be worthless. Fortunately, professionals use tools that will detect bugs that are on or off.

    Just because a person or agency promotes bug sweeps on their website it doesn’t mean they either have the right equipment, training or experience. Most professional TSCM technicians have more than $150,000 worth of sophisticated electronic bug detection equipment. They also have hundreds of hours of manufacture certified training and years of conducting TSCM bug sweeps on a full time basis. That’s why you need to know what questions to ask to identify true professional TSCM technicians and weed out private investigators with spy shop gear.

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